How to add a contact to your Android home screen

No doubt, Android is the most adaptable mobile platform on the earth. It’s adaptability reaches out to about each part of the stage. Like is the situation with contacts. Not just do you have various courses in which you can alter, manage, and save your contacts… there are similarly the same number of various courses in which you can get to your contacts.


A standout amongst the most convenient method for getting to a contact is by adding it to your Android home screen. I’m not discussing the standard direct dial or direct message easy route (however they are inconceivably useful to have around) — I mean talking including full contact sections add to home screen. With these gadgets, you access fast calls, messages, and Google+ profiles, in addition to you’re ready to effectively alter the contact data.

Note: This helpful component isn’t accessible on all Android gadgets. Both the Verizon-marked Samsung Galaxy S4 and Motorola Moto X and offer the element, though the HTC M8 does not. You’ll know rapidly if your gadget offers the element (I’ll show you in a minute).

To include the contact gadget, take after these strides:

  1. Open up the People (or Contacts) application
  2. Search for the get in touch with you need to include, and tap to open
  3. Tap the menu catch *
  4. Tap the passage for Add easy route to home

* The menu catch that is accessible will likewise rely on upon the gadget. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S3 utilizes the gadget menu catch, while the Moto X offers an in-application catch.

When it’s additional, tap the symbol on the home screen to open the gadget (Figure A).

A contact gadget on a Verizon-marked Samsung Galaxy S4.

From the gadget, you can put a call (by tapping the telephone number), send a SMS (by tapping the SMS symbol), send an email (by tapping the email catch), or open the contact for altering (by tapping the contact name, tapping the menu catch, and tapping Edit).

In case you’re searching for one of the speediest approaches to access every now and again utilized contacts, take a stab at adding contact gadgets to your home screen. You stay away from a wreck of direct-dial/direct-message symbols and get significantly more elements for your endeavors.

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