What Does Great Instagram Content Look Like?

It is often said that content is king when it comes to a social media platform such as Instagram and it is this that can gain you more engagement and more real Instagram followers. Whilst everyone is talking about great content however, few actually go into what great content looks like and how you can create it.

It is true that great content is at the heart of your success on Instagram and being consistent in your posting of high quality and high value content is something everyone should be looking for. If you aren’t sure of what kind of content you should be producing for your Instagram page, here are some tips on what it should look like.

Clean and Bright

The photo itself should look as professional as you possibly can and this is something which is relatively easy to achieve given the amount of technological tools which we have at our disposal. You should be looking to make use of apps such as Snapseed which give you the chance to alter and tweak your images so that they look even better than the original. Think about the whole frame when taking a photo, the background, the foreground and any props which you are looking to use. Bright pictures often do better than darker pictures and you should also try to give your image a lightness which can help it to stand out.


Think about what the image is doing and why you are sharing it, what will your followers be able to take from the image? This could be something amazing, something funny or something thought provoking, the choice is yours but you must decide early as to what kind of value you are offering your followers. Understanding what you are trying to achieve will help you greatly in ensuring the content is of high quality.


Colors play a very important role in the images which you are uploading and they can also impact how people feel when they see the image. Red is a color that has been proven to stop people in their tracks and make them pay attention, green has been known to be synonymous with money and light blues invoke emotion. Consider what message you are sending with your content and then use colors in a smart way to further add value to it.


Try not to follow the same old method of uploading your images and see if you can add some originality to what you are doing. This could be snapping shots at different angles, using crazy filters or or stepping outside of the norm when it comes to the background of your photo. The key to Instagram is engaging people and if you can show some creativity and get away from what is considered normal, then you can count on giving your followers some awesome content.

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